Buying Gemstones online is very tricky, but before we delve into how to buy gemstones like sapphire, opal, jade and the likes online
These are some reasons you may want to:

Retail stores often only have a small supply of gemstone that is low quality and sold at a high price, this is true when a gemstone is purchased in a finished jewellery piece, there is every tendency that you may not pick a gemstone that will be in finish piece.

From not having the flash and lustre to having variations in colour buying a piece of gemstone from a walk in-store can be a gamble.

Buying a loose Gemstone ( a perfectly cut Gemstone) allows you to evaluate the gemstone itself before having it set in a piece of jewellery, it is the only way to see the true colour of the stone as well as the best way to identify inclusions.

How to Buy a Gemstone Online.

There are lots of places to buy a loose gemstone, but finding a trust worth gemstone dealer with a wide range of gemstones can be difficult.

Shopping for gemstone online makes the process easier and no matter what location you are. It is very imperative to think safety first when shopping for gemstones online.

These are some factors to consider when buying gemstone online.

1) Proper photo check

A lot of online gemstone markets use stock photos to show the type of gemstone they sell if you want to know a reputable buyer they usually photograph each gemstone individually in a way that best portrays the stone.

Gemstone is usually difficult to photograph accurately quite a few companies can do this.

We pride ourselves with the skill in the curation of rare gemstones.

If you want to see more pictures of our gemstone before purchase, just let us know. We strive perfectly curate each one of our gemstones and we will gladly accommodate a request to Provide more information.

gemstone jewelry

2) Authenticity verification.

If you have never purchased a gemstone before, it can be exhausting to get into. You have to be very careful of sellers who are not willing to provide you signed documentation of what exactly you are buying.

Our gemstone comes with a certification of authentication.

3. Money-back Must be guaranteed

The only way to see if a stone is what you want is to see it yourself. One of the best ways this can be done is knowing that you can send it back if it’s not what you want or the quality you expect and with the option to get the gemstone appraised by another gemologist.

100% satisfaction is our watchword, this is why we offer a 21 day inspection period on our gemstone.

We exist because we understand how disappointing it can be when your investment isn’t all that you thought it would be and how very difficult it is to find a very reputable retailer of a loose gemstone.

We are dedicated to educating our customers because we believe that the more educated our customers are about their purchases, the happier they will be.

Purchasing online helps reduce the inconvenience plague with purchasing a gemstone.

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